Google Pay™

Google Pay makes it easy for you to enable mobile payments for Android users. To offer customers simplicity, security, and choice when paying for goods and services with their Android devices, Google Pay is the mobile payment solution for in-store and in-app payments. The CyberSource Digital Payments Suite enables you to accept payments with Google Pay.


  • Simplicity
    • Easier, faster, better checkout experience
    • Easier access to offers, savings, and discounts
    • Easier integration for outside developers
  • Security
    • Tokenization
    • Real-time monitoring of over 100 risk signals
    • High-tech ID verification (e.g. biometric)
  • Implements along with other digital payments through one connection to CyberSource


  • Helps improve sales conversion for in-app payments on Android devices
  • Enables a streamlined, friction-less payment experience for your customers
  • Lowers security risk, because card data is neither transmitted nor stored in your environment
  • Multiple implementation options - choose the best for your environment
    • Maintain more data and security control in-house
    • Reduce data risk and offload Google Pay payload decryption processing
    • Reduce data risk and simplify the integration with CyberSource Tokens
  • One platform for payment management
    • All payment types
    • A uniform, consistent implementation method for all Digital Payment
    • Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Chase Pay…future…
    • Easier access to other services: fraud management, payment security, tax,
  • Consolidated reporting for easier reconciliation
  • Simplifies IT management as Google Pay is available through your one
    connection to CyberSource and managed via a common platform with all other payment methods



  1. Android, Google Pay, and the Android Logo are trademarks of Google Inc.
  2. The Android Robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used
    according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Implementation Guides

Google Pay Using the Simple Order API
Google Pay Using the SCMP API