Samsung Pay®

Samsung Pay In-App is a fast and convenient mobile payment user experience that helps businesses improve checkout conversions and reduce payment fraud. Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) allows third party applications to use the Samsung payment service to offer items for sale such as virtual items, services, and subscriptions inside your app. Support for merchant acceptance of adding Samsung Pay is now available as part of the CyberSource Digital Payments Suite – standardizing the implementation, management and reporting to simplify acceptance of the multiple digital payment products consumers use.


Fast & Convenient Mobile UX

  • 5X improvement over legacy checkout times
    (>100s legacy vs. <20s Samsung Pay)
  • Reduced checkout friction leads to higher conversions, bigger baskets, and
    greater customer loyalty

Industry leading security

  • Dynamic tokenization: reduce liability to sensitive data
  • Biometric authentication: lower CNP fraud

Painless Integration

  • Solution leverages partnership with Visa and our technical integration with
    the CyberSource global digital payments platform
  • Integrate Samsung Pay into your Android App with just a few lines of code

Benefits of implementing Samsung Pay with CyberSource

  • One platform for payment management
    - All payment types
    - A uniform, consistent implementation method for other Digital Payment
    - Easier access to other services: fraud management, payment
    security, tax, etc.
  • Consolidated reporting for easier reconciliation
  • Simplifies IT management as Samsung Pay is available through your one 
connection to CyberSource and managed via a common platform with all
    other digital 
payment methods 

Implementation Guides

Samsung Pay Using the SCMP API
Samsung Pay Using the Simple Order API