Cardholders whose cards are declined usually take one of the two paths of least resistance:

Abandon their purchase or go somewhere else. Both situations are unwanted experiences for everyone, and false declines impact your business.

  • 44 percent of declined consumers stopped or reduced shopping with retailer1
  • $200B are lost in retail sales each year in the U.S. due to friction at checkout2
  • 51 percent of declined consumers used another card to complete purchase after being falsely declined1

Cybersource Decision Manager plus Payer Authentication 

One integration, double the benefits

Decision Manager plus Payer Authentication allows pre-authentication rules to be configured before authentication takes place, providing EMV®3 3-D Secure authentication and risk review from authentication to authorization.

Reduced fraud and chargebacks

Reject transactions before deeded too risky.

Control over customer experience

End-to-end authorization flow.

More comprehensive risk review

Post-authorization results in Decision Manager reducing review rates.

Integrate 3-D Secure authentication into your risk management

Benefits for your business

Maintain complete control over every part of your authorization flow

By using Decision Manager to determine which transactions should flow through the authentication process before they’re sent for authorization.

Shift liability for fraudulent transactions back to issuers

When you use Payer Authentication on qualified transactions, the issuing bank becomes liable for fraud-related chargebacks on those transactions.

Reduce chargeback rates

By attempting to block fraudulent transactions before they’re sent for authorization. This helps catch potentially problematic transactions before they have a chance to result in fraudulent chargebacks.

Lift authorization rates by filtering out more bad transactions

Send higher-quality transactions through for authorization, providing issuers with the additional information to make better risk assessments and approve more transactions.

Protect your reputation

By providing customers with enhanced fraud prevention through every step of the transaction process.

How it works

Payer Authentication process infographic
Payer Authentication process infographic

Business rules allow you to optimize decision making

  • Reject transaction before authorization if it’s too risky.
  • Invoke or suppress Payer Authentication based on order information.
  • Skip authentication if there a potential to impact good customers.
  • Use Payer Authentication results post-authorization to reduce review rates.

Experience the Visa difference

As a Visa Solution, Cybersource enables you to you benefit from:

  • Streamlining and accelerating your 3-D Secure implementation by bringing all of your Payer Authentication and risk management components under a unified Visa umbrella.
  • Taking advantage of a proven and robust authentication network that supports tens of thousands of merchants and thousands of issuers, providing a rich source of payment data, and delivering 99.999 percent uptime.4
  • Benefitting from Visa’s membership in EMVCo, the standards body that develops and supports 3-D Secure, to stay a step ahead of the latest 3DS specifications.

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1 Javelin Advisory Services, Addressing the Threat of False Positive Declines, Oct 2018.
2, Checkout Conversion Index, data for Q2 2017, 2018.
3 EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.
4 Cybersource has maintained 99.999 percent uptime for fiscal year 2021. Experience on the platform varies based on products and use.
5 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) must be applied to electronic payments within the EEA and the U.K. unless the transaction is out of scope or qualifies for an exemption.

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