Boost Airline Direct Sales. Reduce Fraud.

In a competitive industry with low margins every airline strives to pull ahead of its competitors. We’ve created some resources to help you gain competitive advantage by:

  • Maximising genuine ticket sales
  • Minimising chargebacks and fraud losses
  • Avoiding excessive costs to manage fraud
  • Building customer trust and loyalty

eBook - How to Optimise Fraud Management

The airline industry is a complex environment in which to get fraud management right. This guide looks at four key areas of fraud management airlines may want to prioritise and how CyberSource can help detect and control fraud.

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Infographic - Airline Fraud Insights

This infographic provides key insights into the challenges the airline industry faces – including the different types of airline fraud – and offers some solutions.

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Customer Success Stories

China Eastern Airlines

Find out how CyberSource helps a leading airline improve it's order acceptance rate by more than 20%.

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Turkish Airlines

Find out how the power of Decision Manager enabled Turkish Airlines to reduce fraud in the MOTO channel from 4.4% to 0.01%. 

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An Asian Airline

Discover how CyberSource helped a leading Asian low-cost airline reduce its fraud rate to 0.002% in just two months. 

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Our Fraud Management Solutions

Decision Manager

Decision Manager is the only fraud management platform with the World’s Largest Fraud Detection Radar, increasing visibility of fraud by over 200 times.

Decision Manager

Managed Risk Services

Complement your in-house skills and resources with our global team of fraud management experts. Managed risk analysts serving clients on six continents help you optimise Decision Manager results and scale operations.

Managed Risk Services

Account Takeover Protection

Account Takeover Protection helps protect consumers and merchants from the fraudulent use of online accounts, while enabling merchants to streamline their site access for authenticated consumers.

Account Takeover Protection 

Rules-Based Payer Authentication

Rules-Based Payer Authentication has made 3-D Secure much more flexible so you no longer have to choose between the benefits of 3-D Secure and the risk of checkout abandonment.

Rules-Based Payer Authentication

Viewpoints Blog

Why Airlines Need to Protect Their Loyalty Programs Against Fraud

Javier Mejia Marti, VP & Head of Merchant Sales & Solutions, CEMEA, Visa Inc.

It's estimated that $238 billion worth of unclaimed points and miles is sitting in airline and other loyalty programs around the world. So it's hardly surprising that fraudsters would like to get their hands on a share. 

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