What is Cybersource Analytics?

Businesses face an ever-present pressure to streamline the payment experience making it frictionless and easy. But how do you stay ahead of the curve and adapt to meet the needs of your consumers?

The answer lies in data. Addressing the demands of shifting markets with confidence requires timely and actionable insights into your business. From transaction volume to accurate account information, our analytics reveal ways to turn your transaction data into business intelligence. Access data points, including consumer spending trends, channel and geographic reports, and declines by reason code. 

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Historical analytics provide deep payment intelligence insights

Our end-to-end platform lets you assess your payment data—all in one place. Analyzing historical data can help you detect patterns over time. Examining payment transaction data from the previous six months provides an accurate picture of authentications, authorizations, captures, and settlements. Drill down using multiple dimensions such as counts, amounts, currency, amount in local currency, amount in single currency, channel, and issuer BIN (bank identification number).

A series of dashboards provide insight into:

Payer authentication optimization

Authentication enables cardholders to verify and validate themselves at the time of purchase. The payer authentication dashboard provides insight into your authentication rates. View additional details including successes, attempts and authentication rates by date, and more.

Authorization optimization

Authorizations authenticate credit and debit cards and confirm an account’s ability to fund a transaction. This dashboard provides a summary of authorizations for successes and declines, and changes to authorization rates.

Deep decline analysis

Declines happen when a financial institution has refused a transaction request. The data in this dashboard helps you determine the summary of total declines by counts and amounts for specific decline codes by processor, currency, and other factors.

Issuer BIN analysis

The data in this dashboard helps you determine the summary of total successes and declines by card type, a view into changes in successes and declines by card type over time, BIN (bank identification number) comparison of successes and declines, the ability to further filter by dimensions, and more.

Country analysis

Determine in which countries you experience the most declined transactions. The data in this dashboard helps you determine the total decline count and amount by card country and country comparisons of success and decline rates—with the ability to further filter the data.

Order conversion analysis

This dashboard helps you determine the total number of order successes and declines, retry attempts, the details for each transaction, and the final order success based on retries.

Captures analysis

Capture is the process by which payments are secured once the payment has been authorized. The capture dashboard displays total captures including sales and refunds. Drill down to see your captures by country, currency, processor, and payment type, or by individual transactions.

Settlement analysis

Settlement refers to the specific amount of funds transferred from a bank to a seller for the acceptance of a card transaction. This view provides a summary of all settlements and chargebacks. Dig deeper by filtering by country, date, currency, processor, payment type, and at the individual transaction level. 

Actionable, timely insights

Near real-time analytics and alerting. Real-time analytics and alerts provide practical insights into the here and now. This dynamic analysis of current payment data against historical patterns helps identify potential opportunities. Custom, event-triggered alerts can help ensure you are aware of potential problems as they arise. By addressing anomalies early, you’ll be able to make informed decisions that could help improve authorizations.

Benefits for your business

  • Maximize revenue: Comparative analysis helps fine tune payment authentications, authorizations and captures, and settlement settings.
  • Improve rates: Impact your authorization, chargeback, and issuer rates by closely monitoring your payments trends to help you make sound data-informed decisions.
  • Increase authorizations: Uncover region and country, payment type, decline code, BIN, and retry strategies by leveraging detailed views into your payment system.

Key capabilities

  • Real-time data: Mission-critical payments data is made available from the moment of purchase to your screen in near real-time.
  • Historical analytics: Multiple datapoints and views of transactional data from the previous six months.
  • Insight dashboards: Informative dashboards display data via a user-friendly interface.
  • Custom alerts: Configure your own event-triggered alerts to help ensure you are aware of potential issues as they arise.
  • Cross-sectional data: Multi-dimensional data provides insights from many time slices and datapoints.

Drive transformation through data-driven decision making

‎‎More and more merchants are seeing payments as a strategic element that directly impacts the customer experience and their revenues. It’s important to have a holistic view of end-to-end payment activities to guide your payments strategy. A set of relevant KPIs will help protect and generate revenue while minimizing costs.

Cybersource teamed up with Edgar Dunn to conduct a study on the strategic aspects of fraud and payment optimization and the KPIs that matter most.


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